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Active/Adventure Holidays in Kopaonik

Active holiday in Kopaonik: Alpine Coaster
Bob on the tracks (alpine coaster) is a kind of roller coaster that represents the mountainous summer attraction, but can sometimes be used in winter. This adrenaline content represents a specialized course for lowering through the natural forest environment. The installation is equipped with a special sled, attached to the rail system that can be used by adults and children accompanied by an adult on two-seat sleds. Movement is made due to the natural inclination of a circuit.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Archery
Long ago, the bow and arrow were the main weapon to capture prey our ancestors. This is one reason why this sport, called by many "ancient archery". Archery is now known as one of the "white" Olympic sports and is available as part of the offer of active holidays in Kopaonik. It is important to note that this type of activity on Kopaonik applies only to sports archery, which is based on predefined shooting in artificial target.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Cable car riding
We are used to all the usual adventure mountain roads, but mountains can be seen from another angle. One of the most beautiful slopes of the mountain, in the center of Kopaonik, every summer tourists driven lift "Pancic peak." This cable car is going out on one of the highest peaks of this mountain and you will surely enjoy the view at 2017 meters above sea level.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Driving a snowmobile and ATV engines
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Active holiday in Kopaonik: Horseback riding
In the offer of tourist center Kopaonik is available another activity that will complement an active holiday in the mountains. If you've ever enjoyed in organized walking tours and the view of Mark's walls, Celestial chairs or deep, now you can feel twice the enjoyment. You will be able to horseback riding to all the most attractive locations on our sunny mountain.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Mountain biking
Special mounting bracket for bikes on the ski lift Pancic peak during the summer season enabled the easy transfer of two-wheelers from the Valley of sports to Suvi mines, and therefore the possibility of development on Kopaonik mountain biking. In 2012 is built the first bike park in Serbia. Lovers of mountain biking have three routes (KGB, Struga and Mordor) to descend 5 km in length built by the standards of the European Union and Canada.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Mountain cart
If you love winter and sledge, it's time to try a summer version of sledding. Mountaincart is the three wheelers vehicle which allows unique adrenalin experience of driving on a specially prepared track kopaoničkoj length of 1.5 km. Three wheels, brakes, helmets and a good time is guaranteed!
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Mountain climbing
Mountain climbing, as one of the the most extreme form of climbing , represents the highest level of achievements in mountaineering. If you wish, during your stay in Kopaonik, to feel and experience this kind of adrenaline hurry up then, you are at the right place. On location Eagle (White) walls you can try moving up or lowering and passing through the rough terrain (cliffs) with the help of special equipment that serve as insurance against falling. 
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Paragliding
Want to see the beauty of Kopaonik from another angle, fly and beat fear of heights? Paragliding is right for you! Paragliding or parachuting sailing is the recreational and competitive sport which belongs to the Aeronautical-extreme sports, and flying a paraglider is one of the easiest and simplest ways to achieve man's dream of flying.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Rafting on Ibar river
Join us at the most popular summer activity and the best rafting experience in Serbia! Enrich your vacation with a dose of adrenaline at The Valley of the Serbian Kings!

Rafting route covers two the most exciting rapids on Ibar river: Grmcic and Jagnjilo. It starts in Usce, the place where the Studenica river flows into the Ibar river. Here you meet your rafting guides and take all necessary equipment (lifejacket, helmet, paddle and a waterproof bag). Safety is our top priority so the guides will go through safety instructions first. Every boat has one river guide. One boat has 4 to 10 participants which will navigate through all river obstacles using team work and guide’s instructions.

Active holiday in Kopaonik: Snowshoeing
You would like to stay active in winter but you don’t ski? We have an activity for you! Have you ever tried snowshoeing? If you didn’t, this winter is a perfect chance to do it. Be careful, it is easy to fall in love with walking on deep snow!
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Tubing
All visitors of Kopaonik, starting from 27 August 2013, can try out the new summer content - tubing. Tubing is a specialized plastic substrate on which it is possible to slide, with the help of big tires, during winter and summer. It is designed for visitors of all ages who share one thing - the desire for a good time.
Active holiday in Kopaonik: Zip-line
Zip line is a real adrenaline pleasure. This content is available in almost all mountain resorts around the world, and the first set right here, in Kopaonik. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to try this kind of entertainment, zip line offers the ability with the help of ropes "overflights" from one side to the other, with a special panoramic pleasure.
City of Children
Public Company "Ski Resorts of Serbia" were invested and during the ski opening opened "City of Children" in a 'Dolina sportova' at Kopaonik. To the delight of the youngest visitors of our mountain, near the children's snowmobile and playgrounds of the ski season in a specially fenced in the Valley Sports is a brand new playground. A large number of different elements of the game, which are designed to be safe for children, will complete content for children.
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