Bela reka II
Type of ski lift: Two chair lift Poma
Type of slopes: 16
Lenght: 1250m
Vertical rise: 521m
Travel duration: 8.5 min

Difficult/black track, recommended exclusively to skiers with experience, not because its difficulty but because its disarrangement. Due to its situation, especially disarrangement this track has a very small number of skiers.

It is very wide track in its upper part and perfect for skiing but problems occur in the part called Levak, full with stones, so its hard to pass by that part to the place called Kamariste, where Bela Reka II joins with Bela Reka I and Struga. There is no fence that protects skiers from coming out of track, only what are left are rusty pillars, so you wonder what makes danger even more evident. Next thing that needs to be repair in recent time is wire.

Above all of that, skiing on this track is unforgettable experience, as much as for its path and its magnificent view on South Serbia. Bela Reka II prolongs on Bela Reka I  which leads to Brzece. Complete length of bought tracks is 3500m and height distinction is near 900m.

Three shortcuts are landing down from the top of the track, one leads to bottom of Gvozdac, another towards Knezevske Bare and other one (never been used) goes toward Struga.

You can reach to this track: from the top of  Mali Karaman using mountain range cross the top of Ledenice (estimated you need 15 minutes ski-walking) because of slopes and up hills. If Ledenice are in function, which is very rare case, you need lees period of time to get to the top. Once there was baby ski lift between tops of Bele Reke II I Ledenice that was used to make that ascent easier to cross, so you can reach to Bela Reka.

Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero
Pančićev vrh
Duboka 1
Karaman greben
Mali karaman
Mali karaman A
Marine vode A
Marine vode
Gobelja relej
Kneževske bare
Gondola Brzeće
Duboka 2
Krčmar BMW
Vučak 2
Snow park
Ski track Jaram
Ski vrtić
Children's Park
Avantura park
Night M.jezero
Night KGB
Night Pančić
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22.02.2024. 09:14 Temp.
Sunčana dol.
Wind Humidity Snow depth
Vedro 0°C 0°C 3  m/s (SW) 69% 20cm
Weather conditions Feels
Temp. Pančić
3 m/s
Pressure 827.5 hPa Pistes
10-30 cm