Active holiday in Kopaonik: Mountain biking
Special mounting bracket for bikes on the ski lift Pancic peak during the summer season enabled the easy transfer of two-wheelers from the Valley of sports to Suvi mines, and therefore the possibility of development on Kopaonik mountain biking. In 2012 is built the first bike park in Serbia. Lovers of mountain biking have three routes (KGB, Struga and Mordor) to descend 5 km in length built by the standards of the European Union and Canada.

Bike park is equipped with special tracks with all the obstacles which represents a major challenge for all users of mountain biking. These bike parks exist around the world, and this is the first "downhill bike park" in Serbia. In the Valley sports was built polygon and the verification and improvement of cycling skills.
Bike Park project was implemented by MK Mountain Resort, Kopaonik National Park, Association Fristyler, Ski Resorts of Serbia and Slovenia's Alliance, which is made possible that this Olympic sport comes to life in the biggest ski center in Serbia. The trails are of varying difficulty, suitable for beginners and for professionals. On some sections of the earth waves, bandages, wooden bridges, jumps and obstacles. Bike park has been built in accordance with the rules on environmental protection, and the track does not disturb the natural environment.

KGB is a beginner's slope length of 2,120 m and a width of 1.5 m. Average slope gradient is 7%, a maximum slope does not exceed 15%. The larger part of the track is located on the green areas with short work of passing through the forest.

Struga trail is of medium difficulty and enables a fun experience for commuters. On the track there are the inevitable obstacles that do not exceed a height of 0.5 m. The track has a length of 2,100 m and a width of 1 m, and the average slope is 7%. Maximum slope exceeds 10%.

Mordor is difficult trail is designed for the most experienced drivers. The width of the track is 0.8 m to 1 m. It contains a variety of obstacles and jumps that do not exceed a height of 1 m. Average slope gradient of 8% and most of the trails in the forest, and home to the tread pattern is not always stable.

Adventure park - PRICELIST (RSD)
 Alpine coaster - single ride  350  500
 Alpine coaster - 3 rides  700  1000
 Tubing – single ride
 70  100
 Tubing - 3 rides  180  250
 Adrenalin ride (zip line) - single ride
 150  200
 Adrenalin ride (zip line) - 3 rides  350  500
Packages for adventure parks - PRICELIST (RSD)
 Tubing + alpine coaster + zip line + cable car ride
 630 900
 Tubing + alpine coaster + zip line  420 600
 Tubing + alpine coaster
 310 450
 Tubing + zip line  170 250
 Alpine coaster + zip line  350 500
 One day ticket (all include)
 1.400 2.000
  Cable car ride - PRICELIST (RSD)
 Single ride
 300 350
 3x cable car rides 650 850
 Half day ticket
850 1.100
 Whole day ticket
 1.250 1.800
 A two day ticket  1.960 2.800
 A three day ticket  2.550 3.600
Bikes and carts renting - PRICELIST (RSD)
 Cart - 1 hour
250 250
 Cart - half day 550 550
 Cart - whole day 1.000 1.000
 Cart - a two day ticket 1.500 1.500
 Cart - a three day ticket 2.000 2.000
 Bike - 1 hour 250 250
 Bike -half day
550 550
 Bike -whole day
1.000 1.000
 Bike - a two day ticket 1.500 1.500
 Bike - a three day ticket 2.000 2.000
Packages for cable car riding, bike park and carting - PRICELIST (RSD)
 3 cable car rides + 1 hour bike renting or cart
1.000 1.000
 Half day ticket for cable car ride + half day bike renting or cart 1.500 1.500
 Whole day for cable car ride + whole day bike renting or cart  2.500 2.500
 Two day ticket for cable car ride + two days bike renting or cart 3.500 3.500
 Three day ticket for cable car ride + three days bike renting or cart 4.500 4.500

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