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Rakija (rah-key-ya) - traditional serbian plum brandy, though it may be pear or grapes as well... Totally different experience from anything that you have triedbefore. Feel the scorching liquid transcending you onto a higher level, in this case grounding you like a sledge hammer. Try to find the bottles with built in yew-tree crosses or inserted various mountain herbs that add some tremendous flavor! Try to stay sober with this!


Slatko (slut-co) - it’s not a marmalade, it’s not a jam. Made of whole fruits it literally means sweet. In serbia it isusually served as an eye-opener or while you’re visited by very special guests. It’s purpose is to sweeten your life or if mixed with some nuts as a youth potion. Anyway, it will enrich your daily calorie intake by thousands, but open the whole jar and please your palates. You only live once! Slatko made of wild strawberries is the official energetic snack of the OC at Kopaonik!

Kajmak (khay-mac) - traditional serbian dairy product that has been eaten for centuries. The fat from skimmed milk is left in a specially designed wooden receptacle called kaca (ka-tsa) to grow old. Kaca is kept in a wooden lodge where the meat is being smoked so that kajmak can absorb the unique aroma. Feast your gustatory buds by a thin spread of kajmak over the piece of home made bread that you will easily find everywhere in Kopaonik.

Prsuta (pr-shoo-tah) - serbian smoked ham, pork or beef, doesn’t matter. It is simply irresistible and unforgettable. Spiced up with some garlic or pepper and smoked for days in the same lodge where kajmak is held, it is going to tempt even the most notorious vegetarians and vegans. Enjoy the aroma that will make you come back to Serbia again, and again, and again.

Ajvar (ay-var) - traditional Serbian delicacy eaten usually in winter months, but it could be available even in summer. Made of baked and then minced red peppers, flavored with lots of traditional spices is ideal spreading for the slice of bread. It’s rich aroma will make you addicted and you will be begging for more con gusto. It is just yummylicious!

Raspberry juice - is infamous national brand. No wonder that # 1 raspberry exporter in the world makes the best raspberry juice. Amazingly healthy with no additives, it will strengthen your stamina and boost your energy level during this hardworking Kopaonik week. Just find out why Naomi Campbell wasn’t the same any more after she tried out this juice!



Frula (froo-lah) - is a pipe, an instrument very popular in Kopaonik region, especially among shepherds. Usually made of maple branch, cries out melancholic melody that can be heard echoing in the lush forests and meadows of Serbian mountains. Definitely you will find enough space in your backpacks on your way home for this souvenir. Everyday practice improves your lung capacity and your kissing skills as well!

Opanci (oh-pan-tsi) - forget Prada, Kenneth Cole and Cesare Piacotti! these shoes will make you feel Like you’re walking on a marshmallow cloud. You could dance the night away in these babies and never feel the sore feet syndrome again. Made of genuine leather, designed centuries ago, they are definitely the most comfortable pair that you will ever slip in. Well, if you’re not into being seen in these shoes in the street, you could hang their midget replica on your rear-view mirror or use them as a key chain. Yet another memorabilia from Serbia.

Painted squash - Serbian naive artist found strange ways of expressing themselves. They paint almost everything: wooden pots, frulas, stumps of trees... squashes as well. Yes, they do the canvas too, but definitely with less adrenalin rush. Themes from everyday life, landscapes and motives from Serbian folklore are depicted with vivid colours! Find a spare room on your globe trotter souvenir shelf for this one.

Serbia sounds global - it’s a label of traditional Serbian music. They release only genuine artists who play typical Serbian music: bands for weddings and funerals, tremendous brisk voices of the eastern Serbian women, brass orchestras and players of rare instruments. Available in every music store in the country! Rave with it!



Smoki (smoke-ee) - if you ask seven year old or seventy seven year old Serbian: “what is smoki?” you will notice the smile on their face trying to recall the amazing experience when they have tried it for the first time. Struggling to describe the unique feeling, they will face the lack of words to depict smoki’s special taste. It’s basically corn flips with peanuts, available in two sizes in every store in Serbia. Once you try it, you will be diving in this red bag for days! Find out why is this a favourite snack for the generations of Serbs.

Mladen Jecmenica - YUMSIC 2006


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