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Thirteen years ago, infoKOP.net has started publishing stories, photos and information about Kopaonik and in a very short time became the most visited and most comprehensive website about Kopaonik. Latest news, useful information about Kopaonik, accommodation and catering facilities, ski school and ski service, always up to date weather and ski info, webcams, are just some of many information that this official website for Kopaonik provides.

The idea of ​​the editorial board of the website is to gather in one place all information relevant to Kopaonik. Basic and patient work, number of articles and sections grew and now infoKOP is a unique kind of database, not even the largest cities in Serbia possesses this kind of information unfortunately. As big fans of our most beautiful mountain, a group of enthusiasts, working daily on the actualization of the website and inserting the latest information and the purpose is a promotion Kopaonik mountain.

The quality of our work has been recognized and acknowledged by the PE "Ski Resorts of Serbia" and the Hoteliers Association of Kopaonik, so the website infoKOP.net for the past two ski seasons won awards for media contribution in development of Kopaonik and affirmation and promotion of skiing in Serbia.

The website is divided into 9 sections: About Kopaonik Ski Resort, Hotel Capacities, Catering, Ski School, Real Estate, Info, Photo Gallery and Kop-Commune.

In order to spread our story for foreign visitors and potential tourists, infoKOP was translated into English and plans to be translated into Russian language.

Section About Kopaonik refers to natural and geographical features of National Park, the historical development as well as rich flora and fauna. There are detailed walking tours, natural monuments and reserves, construction sites as well as summer activities bobsled on rails, zip-line, tubing, rock climbing, paragliding, rafting, etc.

SKI area is a section for skiers, the most visited in the winter months when it is possible to get daily information about ski slopes, amount of snow cover, ski lifts and other. There are also detailed maps of all ski lifts, trails and shortcuts, ski-pass info, rules of conduct on the slopes, availability of restaurants and all other activities in the ski resort. Very popular sites are Ski cameras 24 hours a day, giving a vivid picture of the numerous locations in Kopaonik. The first camera in Kopaonik, as well as most of today's cameras from Kopaonik, was placed by infoKOP.net site.

The database of Accommodation facilities gives a comprehensive view of hotels, villas, apartments, resorts and private accommodation in Kopaonik and nearby locations. There are presentations over 600 lodgings and all the facilities are objective and on non- impartial manner presented, visitors are allowed to comment and ranking of accommodation and service. LAST MINUTE offer in this section represent a special form of marketing that gives the best results.

As the number of restaurants increased year after year, how their work is subject to major changes, this section is reserved exclusively for those facilities that want to be represented in the framework of our marketing offers.

In the section SKI SCHOOLS AND SKI SERVICE are detailed presented ski instructors and ski school and ski service. Here is kept a very lively discussion on the techniques of transferring knowledge to skiers and quality of all ski schools.

The INFO page provides latest information about TC Kopaonik, road conditions, weather conditions, amount of snow cover, etc. There can be found also other service information related to the ambulance, postal services, banks and ATMs, police, parking spaces, mountain rescue service, and a list of important phone call.

REAL ESTATE page offers the most comprehensive selection of apartments, villas, houses and plots at Kopaonik. Page is very simple and intuitive to use, it provides an opportunity to find a property on Kopaonik.

Since today main characteristic of Internet is communications, for our visitors we have enabled different forms of information and opinions exchange. The most popular are Impressions, where users leave short messages, mostly about some current developments on the mountain or ski slopes. For more discussion there is infoKOP Forum and always current comments on all relevant news.

infoKOP website offers mobile version for Andoid and iPhone, to download go to m.infokop.net.

Users who access infoKOP.net websites through their mobile devices, can read news, send comments, look updated daily ski info, current weather conditions and weather, but also find suitable accommodation in the database (about 600 accommodation capacities on Kopaonik).

During the winter months, more than 400,000 people per month visit infoKOP.net, from 8-15 thousand unique visitors per day from Serbia, average 5 page views. English Website has 20,000 visitors per month. For the tourist center with a capacity which Kopaonik has, these figures are more than fabulous. InfoKOP.net website on the world's largest search engine google.com and google.rs portal is first in the search results for keyword Kopaonik.

Due to the huge popularity of social networks infoKOP.net also presented Facebook, Instagram, Viber Chat and Twitter page with almost 100 000 followers.

Numerous accommodations, catering and commercial buildings have already recognized the importance and possibilities of advertising on our website. As proof to our professionalism, are our clients, year after year they improve marketing presence on website and inform us how important this ad is for their business.

In our marketing offer, we have packages for both accommodation facilities, as well as for all service and commercial activities (bars, restaurants, ski services, ski schools, boutiques, shops, etc.). Besides the standard advertising banners, we approach to each client individually, trying to find the best possible way to present accommodation, pub or any other offer that you might have. Also, we are installing web cameras so that your location can be covered 24/7, live on the internet through our portal.

Cost of advertising are more than reasonable, we encourage you to call us and see for yourself.

For any further information please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to cooperate with you.
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Children's Park
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