Mountain Rescue Squad (on Serbian Gorska Sluzba Spasavanja)
Telephone: +38163466466
E-mail: info@gss.rs
Website: www.gss.rs
Work Hours: Non Stop
Mountain Rescue Service is voluntary and unprofitable organization driven primarily by the cause of helping and rescuing endangering of injured people from difficult, mountain and urban environment. Our skills are equipped rescuers are the last resort and hope for people in need. We take our role in cases when relevant civil and military instances have no more solutions.
MRS is a specific and elite part of Mountaineering Association of Serbia and Montenegro. It was founded in 1953 as a part of climbing and alpinist division. Organization, members, equipment and techniques of MRS were very much the same as of the similar organization and services throughout Europe‘s Alpine region.
Today, MRS specializes in performing rescue in high mountains, rock, caves, skiing centers and urban environment, in every conditions. Our service numbers about 150 active members at this time, members are experienced mountaineers, climbers, alpinists, speleologists, skiers, scuba divers, paraglidists, etc. who are most influential in their basic mountaineering associations.  During all these years of our rescue work we gained recognition for devotion, courage and efficiency judging by people in need who were satisfied by our service. Therefore at the present, MRS is a specific trademark of Serbia mountaineering and all other related activities.
If you are in need you can get Mountain Rescue Squad at Kopaonik by calling number +38163466466, and all other information’s on their internet address at www.gss.rs
Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero
Pančićev vrh
Duboka 1
Karaman greben
Mali karaman
Mali karaman A
Marine vode A
Marine vode
Gobelja relej
Kneževske bare
Gondola Brzeće
Duboka 2
Krčmar BMW
Vučak 2
Snow park
Ski track Jaram
Ski vrtić
Children's Park
Avantura park
Night M.jezero
Night KGB
Night Pančić
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Sunčana dol.
Wind Humidity Snow depth
Pretežno vedro -3°C -3°C 3  m/s (WSW) 93% 20cm
Weather conditions Feels
Temp. Pančić
3 m/s
Pressure 827.2 hPa Pistes
10-30 cm