Weather Conditions for Kopaonik 09.08.2020. u 13:14
Description Temperature Wind Humidity Snow Level
Delimično oblačno 17°C 2  m/s (E) 77% 0cm
Weather Feels Like 17° 2 m/s (E) Pressure 833.0 hPa At Slopes 0-0 cm
Daily Ski Info 09.08.2020.
Source: JP "Skijališta Srbije"
Installation Type Capacity (h) Lenght (m) Vertical rise (m) Duration (min) Open Open Ski Runs (green) Open Ski Ways (green) Working Hours
1. Sunčana dolina207096319151 1a 1b 1c 1c 2-1 3-1 currently
does not work
2. Malo jezero880450762,32 3-2 currently
does not work
3. Krst201867111673 3a 2-3 3a 10:00
4. Pančićev vrh2400139324854 4a 4b 4c 4d 3-4c 10:00
5. Treska90015055 currently
does not work
6. Duboka 1180014093856,56 6a 6b 7-p 6a 14-6 6 6 currently
does not work
7. Karaman greben3000122517387 7a 7b 7c 22-7 p-7 8a-7 currently
does not work
8. Mali karaman 2400104219388 8a 7-8a 9-8 currently
does not work
8a. Mali karaman A90010821935currently
does not work
9. Marine vode9009091874,59 9a 8-9a currently
does not work
10. Karaman9008571404,510 9-10 10-23 10-24 currently
does not work
11. Jaram90059868311 12-11 currently
does not work
12. Gobelja relej9607051803,512a 12 11-12 currently
does not work
13. Gobelja2400878232413 13a 13b 13c 13d 13e 13fr 12-13 currently
does not work
14. Kneževske bare9008361494,514 16-14 20-14 currently
does not work
15. Bela reka I800172030510,515 out of function
whole season
16. Bela reka II80012885008,516 16-19 out of function
whole season
19. Gvozdac180015003844,518 19 19a 19b 10-19 19-18 18-16 currently
does not work
20. Duboka 2180011073954,5currently
does not work
21. Krčmar BMW180019394716.221 21a currently
does not work
22. Mašinac45030045222 currently
does not work
24. Vučak 2706230152currently
does not work
25. Traka Jaramcurrently
does not work
26. Dečji parkcurrently
does not work
Night slope Malo jezero880450722,5
Night slope Karaman greben300012251738
Night slope Pančićev vrh240013932485
Entertaining Facilities
Bob Rail10:00
Ski Area Statistics
Open Installations 2 / 24 (8.3%)
Open Ski Slopes 1 / 45 (2.2%)
Open Ski Ways 0 / 30 (0%)
Meteo Stats 19.03.2020. u 08h
Temperature at Karaman greben -3ºC
Snow level at slopes 0-0 cm
Clouidness 0/8
Wind speed Pancićev vrh 3-5 m/s
Wind speed Karaman greben 3-5 m/s
Wind speed Mali karaman 3-5 m/s
Visibility Pancićev vrh 5000 m
Visibility Karaman greben 5000 m
Roads 19.03.2020. u 08h
Source: JP "Skijališta Srbije"
Jošanička banja
Live Ski Map of Kopaonik
See the live show - which lifts and slopes are operational. Ski map is automatically generated at each change of data on lifts and slopes mobility.
Live SKI mapa Kopaonika
Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero
Pančićev vrh
Duboka 1
Karaman greben
Mali karaman
Mali karaman A
Marine vode
Gobelja relej
Kneževske bare
Bela reka I
Bela reka II
Duboka 2
Krčmar BMW
Dečji park
Vučak 2
Traka Jaram

Night M.jezero
Night KGB
Night Pančić

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09.08.2020. 13:14 Temp.
Sunčana dol.
Wind Humidity Snow depth
Delimično oblačno 17°C 13°C 2  m/s (E) 77% 0cm
Weather conditions Feels
Temp. Pančić
2 m/s
Pressure 833.0 hPa Pistes
0 cm