Before purchase, please be informed about the types of tickets sold on web shop, price periods, shopping method, terms of use and promotional periods (opening of ski centres during which it is possible to get a significantly greater discount by shopping at the box office in ski centres than through web shop).

Ski passes purchased through the webshop are personalized and not transferable to others. In the purchase process, it is necessary to enter accurate data about each skier: name and surname, date of birth and the face photo from which the person can be easily identified. After 3 pm it is not possible to buy tickets, wich are valid from the curent date.

Important note: In certain promotional periods (on the occasion of season opening, etc.) or on days when ski centres are not operating at full capacity, it is possible to get a greater discount by shopping at the box office of ski centres than the discount offered by web shop. We advise that you be informed about these promotional periods on the website of the Public Enterprise “Ski Resort of Serbia”, before purchasing. Discounts intended for certain categories of skiers, as well as groups of skiers who qualify for a discount based on numbers, cannot be achieved by shopping through web shop. A number of consecutive ski days are available by buying a daily or multi-day ticket. They have a pre-selected starting date for skiing.

There are three price periods during the winter season for which different prices apply. The price of a multi-day ticket is determined based on the starting date of skiing. Price periods are:

  • Start and end of season: November 15th – December 17th and March 26th – until the end of the season (cheapest part of the season)
  • Main part of the season: December 18th - December 24th; January 8th - February 11th; February 19th - March 25th
  • Peak season (most expensive part of the season): December 25th - January 7rd; Febrauary 12th - February 18th

Depot tickets are not related to a specific date, their initial day of skiing is determined by the first pass through the gate at the ski resort, but they also apply to consecutive days of use. Depot tickets (whose start of use is not date-set) have the same price as tickets from the most expensive part of the season.

The advice for shoppers is to buy depot tickets instead of regular multi-day tickets if they are skiing in most expensive part of season. Thus, at the same price, they will have the option of moving the initial skiing date.

The season ticket can be used all winter season. The "10 in a season" ticket allows you to use ten unrelated days of skiing, from the beginning to the end of the winter season. Their prices are the same all season and are best bought on web shop, using early sales discounts.

A season ticket or "10 in a season" ticket for Stara Planina applies only to that ski centre. A season ticket or "10 in a season" ticket for Tornik applies only at that ski centre.

There is no season ticket or "10 in the season" ticket, valid only for Kopaonik.

The season ticket or ticket "10 in the season" purchased for all ski resorts is valid in all three ski centres: Kopaonik, Stara Planina and Tornik. These tickets can be found in all ski resorts.

Tickets in the family package are intended for family members, at least one of whom is an adult. Tickets in the family package can be purchased for all the listed types of tickets.


Where are the ticket pickup sites?
Tickets purchased through web shop can be self-made on PICKUP BOXES or at the box office of ski centres with minimal retention (see the movie in the How to Shop section). You need to have a voucher on your mobile device or on paper. By scanning vouchers, cards are made automatically. Pickup boxes are installed in Belgrade, in Beosport store in Sava Centar, and the following shopping malls: BEO, Usce and one ofthem in Novi Sad, Promenada shoping mall. Devices are available during the working hours of the objects they are in.

From the beginning winter ski season, there will be a total of 5 locations in Kopaonik with pickup boxes, one on Stara Planina, two on Zlatibor, 3 in Belgrade for the duration of the winter season ant one in Novi Sad, so that skiers can get their tickets by shopping through web shop and without going to the box office. Once they have the cards on them, they can recharge the card with the desired ski passes via the WTP number and go directly to the tracks. You can have multiple ski tickets for one person, on one tab at the same time if their expiration period does not overlap.

Of course, the box office in the ski centres will operate on the same scale as previous seasons.

How to make a card using a voucher?
It is enough for a scanner on a pickup box to bring a phone with a picture of the QR code that you received in the certificate for the purchase (voucher). If there is an unforeseen delay during production (for example, a power outage), the procedure can only be repeated at the cash registers.

How to recharge the card?
If you already own a card with WTP number written on it, it is possible to buy a ski pass as a "recharge" card via web shop and go directly to the track. All required data will be written to the card on the first time it passes through the gate. One card can also have several ski tickets registered on it, provided their validity does not match.

What is a DEPOT card?
Depot tickets are tickets without a specific starting date, for several consecutive days of skiing. With the first gate crossing, the starting date of skiing is calculated.

Who can ski with a children's ski card?
Children's ski tickets can be used by children aged 6-11. Web shop will ask for a person's age on the day of purchase.

Do children up to the age of 5 pay for a ski ticket?
Children up to 5 years old do not pay for a ski ticket. The web shop will ask for a person's age on the day of purchase.

Who is considered a senior when buying a ski ticket?
Seniors are people aged 65 and over. On the web shop, the age of the person is taken on the day of purchase.

Who is entitled to buy a family package?
The family package is valid for a minimum of one adult (parent/guardian) and one child. The requirement for the family package is met by families with children 12 years and older, in which case such children must purchase a ticket at the price valid for adults.

Do groups are granted discounts and how much?
For organized groups, whose members buy similar types of tickets, regular discounts apply (for groups of 20-50 members a 10%discount; for groups of 51-100 members a 15% discount and for groups of 101 and more members a 20% discount). Group discounts cannot be achieved through web shop.

Is insurance, GSS service, and health care included in the price of a ski ticket, or are they charged extra?
The price of ski tickets includes services provided in case of an injury at the ski resort: the intervention of the Mountain Rescue Service and health care services in the official health infirmary in the ski centre/ski resort. Also, all owners of ski tickets are entitled to compensation for damages in case of injury, which is paid out by the insurance company with which Public Enterprise “Ski Resorts of Serbia” has concluded an insurance contract for skiers.

What happens in case of an injury at the ski resort?
In case of injury, the skier is obliged to contact the Mountain Rescue Service, which will intervene on the spot and forward the injured person to the official health infirmary at the ski centre/ski resort.

GSS Ski centre Kopaonik – 063 466 466

How can I achieve the right to compensation for damages in case of an injury at the ski resort?
It is necessary that the injured skier is the owner of the correct ski ticket, that the injury occurred at the ski resort, that the mountain rescue service intervened and that there is a find of an official health clinic in the ski centre/ski resort. After the completion of the treatment process and obtaining the final report of the specialist physician from the health care facility where the injured was treated, the complete documentation is delivered to the Public Enterprise  “Ski Resort of Serbia”, which further forwards it to the insurance company with which the skier insurance contract is concluded.

Do foreign nationals pay for health care?
Foreign nationals coming from countries with whom The Republic of Serbia has signed international agreements defining co-operation in health insurance do not pay for the health service. Other foreign nationals pay for the health care service but are entitled to compensation for health care costs by the insurance company with which Public Enterprise “Ski Resorts of Serbia” has a contract concluded.

What does the "10 in a season" ticket provide?
The 10/season ticket allows 10 days of skiing during the season that do not have to be connected.

What is a 5/7-day ticket?
The ticket "5 out of 7" allows 5 days of skiing (of your choice) within the calendar 7 days.

Does entertainment also work in winter?
In Ski centre Kopaonik, during winter, bobsled on the tracks, tubing, and ZIP line, are working, and in the Ski centre Tornik bobsled on the tracks also.

What are the opening hours of the ski resort?
The working hours of the ski resort vary during the ski season. At the start of the season it is 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. to extend it to 4:30 p.m. in the second part of the season.

What is done in case of loss or damage to the ski card?
In case of loss or damage to the ski card, it is necessary to report immediately to the relevant services in the ski centres. Due to the need for identification, it is necessary to have a personal identification document. Replacing a lost or damaged ticket costs an additional 500 dinars per ticket.


Work hours Non Stop

2. Administrative building - 2 selling offices for ticket
Work hours 08:00 - 15:30

3. Intersport administration building - 2 selling offices for ticket, 1 selling office for helmets
Work hours 08:00 - 21:30

4. Tourist office Raška - 3 selling offices for ticket
Work hours 08:00 - 15:30

5. JAT  
Work hours 08:00 - 15:30

6. Hotel Rtanj
Work hours 08:00 - 15:00

7. Tourist office Kop Line Brzeće 
Work hours 08:00 - 16:30

8. Bob Rail - 
2 selling offices for ticket
Work hours 08:00 - 21:30

9. Hotel Grand
Work hours 08:00 - 15:30

10. Hotel & SPA Kraljevi Čardaci
Work hours 08:00 - 15:00

1. Injury of ski pass user
Returns can be made for those days when using of ski pass did not started, in the amount paid for the ticket.
Required documents: a) Copy of the report authorized ambulance that the user is injured; B) Report of Rescue Service; C) Original ski pass.
2. Injury of the family members of ski pass
Returns can be made for those days when using of ski pass did not started, in the amount paid for the ticket, reduced by 30%.
Required documents: a) Copy of the report from authorized ambulance that the family member of ski passes injury; B) Report of Rescue Service; C) Original ski pass.

3. Death of a family member User ski pass
Returns can be made for those days when using of ski pass did not started, in the amount paid for the ticket.
Required documents: A) Statement Users ski maps with data on fatality and user data (personal number and address); B) Original ski pass.
Send requests to email address marketing@skijalistasrbije.rs or fax +381 11 311 9030 note to Dusica Sikora.
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