Parking on Kopaonik
Since the 2013/2014 season, a parking fee has been implemented and parking spaces in front of "Sunčani Vrhovi" Lodge and "Grand" Hotel are being cleaned in order to alleviate parking congestion, and reduce traffic in the central Kopaonik area. In order to provide this service, 12 parking attendants have been employed.
These two parking areas, located at Konaci Sunčani vrhovi (with 60 parking spots - fees are collected during the summer season as well) and Grand Hotel (60 parking spots), are maintained by the Construction Directorate for Urbanism and Construction of Communal and Housing Affairs of the Municipality of Raška. The parking spaces are cleaned and fees are collected 24/7. The rate for one hour of parking is 100 dinars, while the daily parking ticket costs 700 dinars and the weekly ticket costs 4,200 dinars.

In November 2019, the Kopaonik parking garage was opened across from Konaci Sunčani vrhovi, at the location of Vojni dom, meeting the allowed distance requirement from the ski lift terminals. In addition to the planned 309 parking spots within the garage, there will be an additional 60 well-organized parking spots in front of the garage, allowing for a total of 369 vehicles to be accommodated. The planned daily parking fee for the garage is 1,900 dinars, with every started hour being charged at 150 dinars. A monthly pass can be purchased for 45,000 dinars.
In addition to the new garage, a parking area with a capacity of 140 spots has been opened at Sunčana dolina.

After the Brzeće gondola started operating in February 2021, the municipality of Brus began charging for parking at the gondola, which has a capacity of 180 spots, at a rate of 720 dinars. Two other parking areas (across from JAT and at the lower level of Konaci Sunčani vrhovi) are managed by private companies and have a total of 200 parking spots.

The large bus parking area located on the site of sports fields is also in use this season, with fees collected by MK group at a rate of 700 dinars per day for cars. The capacity of this parking area is 150 spots.

Hotel Grand manages a garage with 129 parking spots. The daily parking rate in the garage is 2,400 dinars, and the hourly rate is 500 dinars.

At the former location of the marketplace, on the upper level of Konaci Sunčani vrhovi and across from Klub A, MK also manages another parking area with 50 spots, which costs 1,000 dinars per day.

Since the 2015/2016 ski season, the parking area in front of Kragujevačko odmaralište, or across from the former Centar cable car station, has been maintained and cleaned. The parking area has a capacity of 100 spots, and parking costs 700 dinars per day. 
The parking areas at the former Bačište hotel (150 spots), across from the Marine Vode ski lift (50 spots), and at Srebrnac (70 spots) will be primarily designated for skiers who come to the ski resort in their own cars (guests from Vikend Naselje, Brzeće, and surrounding areas). These parking areas will have established and marked paths to the nearest ski lifts (Sunčana dolina, Marine Vode, and Gobelja), as well as established and marked paths for returning to the parking area from the nearest ski slopes without the need for skier transportation. These parking areas are free of charge. This significantly reduces congestion in the Kopaonik center.

In front of Hotel Putnik, which is connected to the Sunčana dolina ski lift by a connecting trail, there is a parking area with 20 spots that is free of charge. The specific feature of this area is the ability to purchase ski passes directly at the hotel.

The local government and police urge individuals who illegally charge parking fees on free parking areas to be reported to the relevant inspection services of the Raška municipality. In case of disturbance of public peace and order, persons who illegally charge parking fees should be reported to the police at +381365471092.

Due to the significant disruption of normal traffic on the Rudnica-Kopaonik regional road, the police will have zero tolerance for illegal parking on the part of the road that passes through Vikend Naselje. 
Since the 2019/2020 season, Kopaonik has a towing service. The fees for removing improperly parked vehicles in TC Kopaonik are as follows:

  • Fee for removing improperly parked vehicle, weight up to 1,330 kilograms - 11,500 dinars
  • Fee for removing improperly parked vehicle, weight from 1,330 to 1,900 kilograms - 15,500 dinars
  • Fee for removing improperly parked vehicle, weight over 1,900 kilograms - 21,000 dinars
  • Fee for interrupting an attempt to remove improperly parked vehicle - 4,000 dinars
  • Fee for storing a vehicle in the "parking lot" depot, for every new started 24 hours - 2,000 dinars
  • Fee for locking and unlocking the vehicle with wheel clamps - 6,000 dinars for 24 hours
  • Fee for attempting to place wheel clamps - 2,500 dinars
  • Fine for improperly parked vehicles, which is submitted by the traffic police - 5,000 dinars.

The contact phone number for the Kopaonik Towing Service is +381649201231. 

All guests are also kindly asked to respect traffic rules, road signs, to use winter equipment, and not to drive under the influence of alcohol in order to avoid sanctions.

During the summer season, the towing service is not in operation, and fees are only collected at the parking area near Konak. 
Location Spots Collected by Per Day (RSD)
Parking garage Kopaonik
309 Skijališta Srbije 1.900
Konaci "Sunčani vrhovi" 60 Raška 700
Hotel "Grand" 60 Raška 700
JAT 100 - 700
Across from Konaci
60 Skijališta Srbije 700
Technical base 100 - 700
Malo jezero 50 - 700
Lower level of Konaci towards Gorski Hotel 100 - 1000
Large bus parking below Konaci 150 MK 700
Garage of the Grand Hotel 129 MK 2400
Upper level of Konaci (former market) 50 MK 1.000
Vila "Bjanka, Ivana and Nikola 100 Raška 700
Sunčana dolina 140 Raška 700
Kragujevac Resort 100 - 700
Gondola Brzeće 180 Brus 720
Jaram 50 - 700
Hotel "Srebrnac" 70 - besplatno
Ski lift Marine vode 50 - besplatno
Hotel "Putnik" 20 - besplatno
Former hotel Bačište 150   besplatno
Total 2028 - -
Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero
Pančićev vrh
Duboka 1
Karaman greben
Mali karaman
Mali karaman A
Marine vode A
Marine vode
Gobelja relej
Kneževske bare
Gondola Brzeće
Duboka 2
Krčmar BMW
Vučak 2
Snow park
Ski track Jaram
Ski vrtić
Children's Park
Avantura park
Night M.jezero
Night KGB
Night Pančić
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