Gobelja Greben

Ski tracks and lifts

type: ski lift
Vrsta staze: red - medium
lenght: 410m
vertical rise: 180m
travel duration: 3 min


      It is middle/difficult track. Lift departures below hotel Red Star (ex Srebrenac), exit station is on the reef between tops of Velika and Mala Gobelja. There are two tracks: one is right next to lift, has two steep parts which later combine in to one suave part, and other track that separates to right, it is slightly shorter, has FIS standards for slalom and at the end joins with shortcut that leads to bottom of Gobelja relej track.

      Because it is far away it is lessee visited and often used for ski training.

      You can get to Gobelja greben exclusively from the track Gobelja relej.