Pancicev Vrh

Ski tracks and lifts

type: four chair lift - Doppelmayr
type of run: blue/red - easy/medium
lenght: 1393m
vertical rise: 248m
travel duration: 5 min


      Route begins from the top of Suvo Rudiste (1975m) and goes down to central plateau, in front of most hotels on Kopaonik.  After you get down from lift, turning on your left, you can get to red/bleak Duboka I track.
      You have four possibilities: First, turning to left you can continue to path Suvo Rudiste, than getting to the path that branch in to two paths that are sheltered with forest, left one is marked next to lift Centar (popularly called Konzerva) and right one (popularly called four).If you go straight next to lift, right after red Duboka I and than turn right you'll reach to one small and easy track, which is marked as four, that path will lead you to Pajino Preslo or plate Masinac.
      In 2006, the oldest one chairlift on Kopaonik has been exchanged with modern four chairlift trade-mark Doppelmayer. It's fast lift and goes 5m/s with the capacity of 1800 skiers in first faze and in second with 2400 skiers in hour. That shouldn't be a problem for you so you can with safeness embark/land because the speed of lift is less than 1m/s.
      Thanks to its speed it is called Pancic express.