Ski tracks and lifts

Type of ski lift: Ski lift Poma
Type of slopes: 11
Lenght: 598m
Vertical rise: 67m
Travel duration: 3 min

It represents connection between tracks Gobelja greben and Gobelja relej. It is easy/blue track. Lift departures from the ridge Jaram  which cuts the road Brzece-Kopaonik and its exit station is near the top of Gobelja (1934 m) where exist shortcut that leads to the hotel Red Star (ex Srebrenac)  and towards lifts Gobelja greben and Gobelja relej.

You can get to this track from the top of Gobelja, which is exit place of Gobelja relej or directly crossing the road  on the ridge Jaram from the track Karaman.