Architectural achievements


  • Remains of the medieval road - Kukavica (about 4 km).
  • Remains of the medieval former mine site - village Zaplanina, Samokovska reka, Kadijevac, Suvo Rudiste, Brzecka reka, Bela reka.
  • Buildings of the sacral architecture - site of a former church in Metodje, church of Sv. Petar and Pavle in Kriva reka, Building from the Turkish period - turkish bath in Josanicka banja.
  • Monuments from the liberation wars: monument on Mramor, monuments Djacki grob, Raskrsnica, monument to the victims of fascism in Kriva Reka.
  • Other monuments - Pancic Mausoleum (placed in the complex of the special purpose).
  • Business buildings constructed in the past - Mijatovica jaz.
  • Housing buildings constructed in the past:village Lisina, village Djordjevici, village Crna Glava, village Kriva Reka, village Brzece.
  • Business buildings constructed in the past - water mills and saw mills: Brzece, Kriva Reka, Gobeljska reka, Josanicka Banja.