ski lift
type of run: black - difficult
lenght: 782m
vertical rise: 265m
travel duration: 4 min


          Difficult/black track. In last couple of years its lift is been used only in cases of damage the lift Gvozdac, but the track is regularly being  taking care of. It is not in the function because of lack its technical documentation.

          Last part of track is continuing to track Gvozdac. From the top of Ledenice, after smaller hill, you will reach to exit station of Bela Reka II, but if you turn right on the half of the track towards Bela Reka II you will get to shortcut to the bottom of Knezevske Bare.

          Using shortcuts Bela Reke II, Jaram, or slowly pushing from the top of Mali Karaman, you can get to this track. Most often, skiers make path on their one thru forest from exit station of Gvozdac.




Take a look at satellite picture and location: