Active holiday in Kopaonik: Zip-line
Zip line is a real adrenaline pleasure. This content is available in almost all mountain resorts around the world, and the first set right here, in Kopaonik. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to try this kind of entertainment, zip line offers the ability with the help of ropes "overflights" from one side to the other, with a special panoramic pleasure.

Zip-line was once used to transport people across the river and inaccessible terrain and for food transfer. In some remote areas in China is still in use, and Australian soldiers used it to deliver food, mail, and ammunition. Today is mainly used for entertainment purposes.

Home station of zip-line is on track that links the Small Lake and Cross, a place to exit is above the ski buffet Bombardier, directly with tubing track (where you can rent ski sledges).
Entertainment facilities works for visitors every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 17 pm.