Suvo Rudiste
ski lift
type of run: blue/red - easy/medium
lenght: 1376m
vertical rise: 200m
travel duration: 7 min


          Suvo Rudiste is medium/easy track except of higher part of track which is connected with track Centar. Entrance station is right next to exit station of Suncana Dolina (Krst 1715 m), and exit is on Suvo Rudiste (1975m).
          Upper part of track goes  right next to anchor after goes under the anchor. At the end of the track you can go right towards Malo Jezero or to continue to Suncana Dolina.
          You can reach this track following right shortcut from Malo Jezero or any track that goes to Suvo Rudiste (Centar, Pancicev Vrh or Duboka I).

Take a look at satellite picture and location: