Suncana dolina
two chair lift - Poma
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 694m
vertical rise: 140m
travel duration: 4.5 min


          It is easy and wide track, begins from the top of Krst 1715m and it's lowering down to hotel Putnik. Smaller part of track is passing trough forest part, upper part of track is wide, it continues to the track Suvo Rudiste.
          There are three ways to reach this path: directly from the hotel Putnik, right shortcut from the top of track Malo Jezero or directly continuing on track Suvo Rudiste.
          If it's nice day and without wind you can injoy in the magnificent view of the lower parts of Serbia in the cafe which stands on exit of station.
          Something that must be noticed and recommended are unforgettable sunsets which will take your breath away.

Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Sunčana dolina
Malo jezero
Pančićev vrh
Duboka 1
Karaman greben
Mali karaman
Mali karaman A
Marine vode
Gobelja relej
Kneževske bare
Bela reka I
Bela reka II
Duboka 2
Vučak 2
Traka Jaram
Night M.jezero
Night KGB
Night Pančić
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18.01.2019. 12:14 temp. Sunčana dol. temp. JAT wind humidity snow
Oblačno -1°C -6°C 4  m/s (WSW) 74% 95cm
weather conditions feels like
temp. Pančić
4 m/s
pressure 823.2 hPa slopes
10-50 cm
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