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Two new four chair lifts for this season Print
           The most developed winter resort in Serbia on Kopaonik mountain will have two four chair lifts added to its infrastructure.
           Construction works have started in September to upgrade the network of ski lifts on Kopaonik Mountain, the most prominent winter resort in Serbia. The project is financed by the Serbian Government from the National Investment Plan. A total of 50 million euros will be invested in tourism in Serbia during the course of next year.
Language Print

The Serbian language is one of the standard versions of the Stokavian dialect, used primarily in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and by Serbs everywhere. The former standard was known as Serbo-Croatian language, now split into Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian standards.

The Serbian alphabet is very consistent: one letter per sound with an insignificant number of exceptions. This phonetic principle is represented in the saying: “Write as you speak and read as it is written”, the principle used by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic when reforming the Cyrillic spelling of Serbian in the 19th century.

Another rare feature of Serbian language is the presence of two alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin. The two alphabets are almost equivalent; the only difference is in the glyphs used. This is due to historical reasons; Serbian once being a part of the Serbo-Croat unification brought Latinic usage into Serbia.

Serbian: српски, srpski - /srp-skee/(srpskee)
hello: здраво, zdravo /zdrA-vO/ (z like in zebra)
good morning: добро јутро dobro jutro
good afternoon: добар дан, dobar dan
good evening: добро вече, dobro veče
good-bye: довиђења doviđenja /dOvidjεnja/
please: молим molim /mO-lim/ (moleem)
thank you: хвала hvala /hvA-la/
that one: то to (not as English to)
how much?: колико? koliko? /ko-lε-ko/ (coleeco, co-, -co => cup)
English: енглески engleski /εn-glε-ski/(-skee)
yes: да da /dA/
no: не ne /nε/
generic toast: живели! ziveli! /ʒi-vε-li/(zhiveli)
sorry: извините izvinite /ezveeneete/ (formal)
I don’t understand: не разумем ne razumem /nεrAzUmem/
Where is [the bathroom (toilet)]?: Где је тоалет? Gde jetoalet? /gdε jε toAlEt/
Do you speak English?: Да ли говорите енглески? Da li govorite engleski?

А а - A a is pronounced like a in father.
Б б - B b is pronounced like b in bed.
В в - V v is pronounced like v in very.
Г г - G g is pronounced like g in good.
Д д - D d is pronounced like din day.
Ђ ђ -Đ đ is pronounced like j in joy.
E e - E e is pronounced like e in men.
Ж ж - Z z is pronounced like su in lesure.
З з - Z z is pronounced like z in zoo.
И и - I i is pronounced like i in h e.
ј ј - J j is pronounced like y in you.
К к - K k is pronounced like k in kind.
Л л - L l is pronounced like l in look.
Љ љ - LJ lj is pronounced like li in million.
M м - M m is pronounced like m in moon.
Н н - N n is pronounced like n in not.
Њ њ - NJ nj is pronounced like ni in onion.
O o - O o is pronounced like oo in door.
П п - P p is pronounced like p in pen.
Р р - R r is pronounced like r in room.
С с - S s is pronounced like s in son.
T т - T t is pronounced like t in top.
Ћ ћ - Ć ć is pronounced like ch in check.
У y - U u is pronounced like u in rule.
Ф ф - F f is pronounced like f in fish.
Х х - H h is pronounced like h in his.
Ц ц - C c is pronounced like ts in lots.
Ч ч - Č č is pronounced like ch in chalk.
Џ џ - Dz dz is pronounced like j in joy.
Ш ш - Š š is pronounced like sh in she.
Emergency Print
92 - Police
93 - Fire department
94 - Urgent medical help
95 - Time
96 - Telegrams
9821; 981 - Information
987 - Road assistance
985 - Information centre
901 - International calls
Local Currency Print

The currency in Serbia is ‘Dinar’ - this is hard to come by in the UK as most banks don’t stock the currency.

You can buy your currency at Belgrade or Nis airport when you arrive.

Dinar banknotes are available in units of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 coins are called ‘para’. Please, do not rely on credit cards for local purchases. MasterCard and Visa are not generally accepted. Cash machines are available in Belgrade town and Kopaonik mountain. 

Exchange offices and banks abound, particularly in the centre and around tourist areas (Belgrade or Nis Airport - arrival hall, Main Railway station - exit area, etc.). They don’t charge handling fee for these services. In order to exchange money you are supposed to present your passport (usually in banks only). Always ask for a receipt and always count the money you received. All licensed exchange offices are properly signed (‘Menjacnica | Exchange’). Do not change money on the street! There is no foreign currency black market anymore.

Telephone Communication Print

You can easily reach any part of the world from Serbia, using telephone connections. Mobile telephones and public telephone booths are at your disposal. Cards for telephone booths are available at newsstands.

Taxi Print

Taxi transportation is reliable, but some drivers tend to charge extravagant rates when transporting foreigners. Ask your hotel reception about rates and let them call you a taxi. When hail a taxi on the street, make sure the taximeter is not on from the previous ride. Drivers must turn the taximeter on when passengers enter the cab and turn it off when they reach the final destination. You may also prearrange a pickup by calling a cab company and giving a location, pick up time, and destination.

Taxi associations in Belgrade:

Beotaxi: 970
Zuti taxi: 9802
Pink taxi: 9803
Taxi Bel: 9808
City taxi: 394-0022

Business hours Print

Banks are open from 8 am to 8 pm weekdays (8 am - 5 pm on Saturday).


  • on weekdays 6:30 AM - 8:00 PM (some until 9:00 PM)
  • on Saturdays 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM (some until 9:00 PM)
  • closed on Sundays (some open 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM)

Shops on duty are open on Sundays 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Markets are open every day 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Shops at shopping centres are open 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Department stores:

  • on weekdays 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • on Saturdays 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • closed on Sundays

Non-stop shops are always open.

On Saturday most government offices are closed, but shops stay open until 3 pm. Museum opening times vary greatly (usually 9 am -5 pm), but almost all are closed on Mondays, with exception of the Museum of Serbian Orthodox Church, situated in the Patriarchate building.

Local Time Print

Belgrade, Kopaonik and Serbia the Central European Time (CET) zone (GMT+1 hour), as well as the most countries of Western Europe.

Summer time counting (GMT+2 hour) starts on the last Sunday of March and lasts until the last Sunday of October. The current in all regions of Serbia is 220 Volts, with plugs of two round pins, as everywhere in southern Europe.

Don't go home without Print

Rakija (rah-key-ya) - traditional serbian plum brandy, though it may be pear or grapes as well... Totally different experience from anything that you have triedbefore. Feel the scorching liquid transcending you onto a higher level, in this case grounding you like a sledge hammer. Try to find the bottles with built in yew-tree crosses or inserted various mountain herbs that add some tremendous flavor! Try to stay sober with this!


Slatko (slut-co) - it’s not a marmalade, it’s not a jam. Made of whole fruits it literally means sweet. In serbia it isusually served as an eye-opener or while you’re visited by very special guests. It’s purpose is to sweeten your life or if mixed with some nuts as a youth potion. Anyway, it will enrich your daily calorie intake by thousands, but open the whole jar and please your palates. You only live once! Slatko made of wild strawberries is the official energetic snack of the OC at Kopaonik!

Kajmak (khay-mac) - traditional serbian dairy product that has been eaten for centuries. The fat from skimmed milk is left in a specially designed wooden receptacle called kaca (ka-tsa) to grow old. Kaca is kept in a wooden lodge where the meat is being smoked so that kajmak can absorb the unique aroma. Feast your gustatory buds by a thin spread of kajmak over the piece of home made bread that you will easily find everywhere in Kopaonik.

Prsuta (pr-shoo-tah) - serbian smoked ham, pork or beef, doesn’t matter. It is simply irresistible and unforgettable. Spiced up with some garlic or pepper and smoked for days in the same lodge where kajmak is held, it is going to tempt even the most notorious vegetarians and vegans. Enjoy the aroma that will make you come back to Serbia again, and again, and again.

Ajvar (ay-var) - traditional Serbian delicacy eaten usually in winter months, but it could be available even in summer. Made of baked and then minced red peppers, flavored with lots of traditional spices is ideal spreading for the slice of bread. It’s rich aroma will make you addicted and you will be begging for more con gusto. It is just yummylicious!

Raspberry juice - is infamous national brand. No wonder that # 1 raspberry exporter in the world makes the best raspberry juice. Amazingly healthy with no additives, it will strengthen your stamina and boost your energy level during this hardworking Kopaonik week. Just find out why Naomi Campbell wasn’t the same any more after she tried out this juice!



Frula (froo-lah) - is a pipe, an instrument very popular in Kopaonik region, especially among shepherds. Usually made of maple branch, cries out melancholic melody that can be heard echoing in the lush forests and meadows of Serbian mountains. Definitely you will find enough space in your backpacks on your way home for this souvenir. Everyday practice improves your lung capacity and your kissing skills as well!

Opanci (oh-pan-tsi) - forget Prada, Kenneth Cole and Cesare Piacotti! these shoes will make you feel Like you’re walking on a marshmallow cloud. You could dance the night away in these babies and never feel the sore feet syndrome again. Made of genuine leather, designed centuries ago, they are definitely the most comfortable pair that you will ever slip in. Well, if you’re not into being seen in these shoes in the street, you could hang their midget replica on your rear-view mirror or use them as a key chain. Yet another memorabilia from Serbia.

Painted squash - Serbian naive artist found strange ways of expressing themselves. They paint almost everything: wooden pots, frulas, stumps of trees... squashes as well. Yes, they do the canvas too, but definitely with less adrenalin rush. Themes from everyday life, landscapes and motives from Serbian folklore are depicted with vivid colours! Find a spare room on your globe trotter souvenir shelf for this one.

Serbia sounds global - it’s a label of traditional Serbian music. They release only genuine artists who play typical Serbian music: bands for weddings and funerals, tremendous brisk voices of the eastern Serbian women, brass orchestras and players of rare instruments. Available in every music store in the country! Rave with it!



Smoki (smoke-ee) - if you ask seven year old or seventy seven year old Serbian: “what is smoki?” you will notice the smile on their face trying to recall the amazing experience when they have tried it for the first time. Struggling to describe the unique feeling, they will face the lack of words to depict smoki’s special taste. It’s basically corn flips with peanuts, available in two sizes in every store in Serbia. Once you try it, you will be diving in this red bag for days! Find out why is this a favourite snack for the generations of Serbs.

Mladen Jecmenica - YUMSIC 2006

Welcome to Kopaonik! Print
          People of the world have mountains "of their own", the mountains they set apart from all other mountains and make them parts of their peoples's identity. With the Greeks it is Mount Olympus. The Japanese have their Fujiyama and the Russian their Caucasus. The Mexicans are proud of their Popocatepetl, the Montenegrins of their Lovcen, and the Serbs of Kopaonik.
          Due to its diversity, Kopaonik is suitable for the development of tourism, mountain climbing, winter sports and recreation.
          An important datum for all of these acitivities is depth of the snow cover and how it lasts. On Kopaonik, on the average, the snow cover lasts between 180 and 230 days.
          Sports and recreation activities are organized on Kopaonik the whole year around, such as: sking (Alpine, Nordic and recreational), orienteering, mountaineering and free climbing, paragliding, paraskiing, snowboarding, rafting and other recreation acitivities (tennis, horse-riding and the like).
          The mountain offers its visitors, lovers of nature, enjoyment and memorable experiences.
UK tourists to arrive in Kopaonik Print
          The planes will leave London’s Gatwick airport headed for Niš once a week, while British holidaymakers will arrive via two agencies: Thompson and Balkan Holidays.
           Serbia’s tourist organization has spent 74,000 euros in the past two years to try and put the leading Serbian ski resort back on the map of European winter destinations.
           The decision to spend 15,000 euros advertising in Thompson Ski clearly paid off, since the number of British tourists rose by 12 percent in the first eight months this year, to 10,966 visitors.
           “Serbia is getting more and more popular, but is still not putting in as much effort as Bulgaria, which has the image of a fun and cheap destination”, Milan Danilović, one of Thompson’s managers, says.
           “Borovec for instance targets the British clientele seriously, they opened a number of pubs, and soon after, 90 percent of their guests were British. Kopaonik is a serious ski center, but the quality of accommodation is problematic”, Danilović says.  
            He added that Serbian tourism’s major shortcoming was the lack of information offered to tourists from abroad. Quality, free brochures, maps and internet sites dedicated to Kopaonik are few and far between.
           “When you search for ‘Kopaonik’, you get only a few links to sites, the best of which are done by enthusiasts. The information on them, however, is not updated regularly to include data such as, temperature, snow cover, traffic, prices, etc. It’s unbelievable that there is no online camera to show Kopaonik goings-on in real time. Potential tourists should be bombarded with information”, Danilović concludes. 
Source: B92
NiN Print
location: Karaman greben
indoor: yes
food: yes
wc: yes

          Cafe NiN is specie place, has two levels, situated in the middle of track Karaman Greben, right at the place where left and right track are joining together.

          On its terrace we guaranty you a nice sunbath.

          Food and drinks are also in its meny.

          Don’t miss to try cooked wine in vessels made out of burned earth.

Rtanj Print
location: Mali karaman
indoor: yes
food: yes
wc: yes

           Mountain home situated at1786 m, separated from the urban part of Kopaonik. It was established by the group of students who are big fans of Kopaonik, mountaineering and skiing. Society has been growing try the years following the needs of visitors for better and bigger accommodation using their one fund. Students are mostly visitors of this Home, couse price is very accessible for them. Greight atmosphere and delicious food are things that attract people to come back. You can directly enter from the ski track Mali Karaman.

           Things that we recommend for you to try here are doughnuts with jam and wide menu of Serbian food.

           Hooray for the Mountain Home Rtanj!!!!

Bacija Krcmar Print
location: Duboka II and Krcmar
indoor: yes
food: yes
wc: yes

          It is situated at the bottom of track Duboka (1507 m), next to entrance station four chairlift Duboka II and two chairlift Krcmar.

          As most of Kopaonik cafes it also has fireplace and terrace, ideal spot in sunny days for you to enjoy.

          It is often and gladly visited, especially when the weather conditions are bad and the only tracks that are in functions are Duboka II and Karaman Greben.

          Hire you must try drink called Kuvana Rakija, it will literally take your breath away.

Ski bife Jaram Print
location: Jaram
indoor: yes
food: yes
wc: yes

          One of the biggest refreshment places with tradition. It is situated at the ridge Jaram right next to road Brzece-Kopaonik and entrance stations of ski lifts Jaram and Karaman.

          Place were you can rest, have a drink, get something to eat, get warm next to beautiful fireplace that gets together great number of those who wish to enjoy in friendly ambience and tasteful traditional dishes, especially one called Gibanica. In front of the bife is terrace that makes it ideal spot to get sunbath.

          It works all try the year so you can pay them a visit at any time, and more than hospitable owners will host you and make your visit very pleasant.

There is also trampoline for children’s to and the owners dogs that you cant resist to play with.

          All recommendation for this bife!

Bombardier Print
location: Malo jezero
indoor: yes
food: yes
wc: yes


          Very spacious, modern equipped cafe, stands at the central plateau where are situated most of hotels at Kopaonik, next to entrance station of ski lift Malo Jezero. You can rest and enjoy in drinks, have something to eat, get warm inside or have a sunbath at terrace if it’s nice weather.

          Even thought it is expensive, we recommend a cup of Milford tea with little honey and lemon, that will make your rest after good day of skiing even more pleasant.

Ski Cafes Print
Places which you should certainly pay a visit are cafes, traditional small Serbian cafes. If you want to rest, have a sunbath, get warm, have a drink or something to eat or even use a toilet, these places, right next to ski area, are the best thing to do so.
With its alpine atmosphere, great fireplaces, and of course, our, Serbian, traditional kitchen and drink, these cafes gives recognizable appearance to ski area. Momentarily there are 16 and they are relatively regularly situated through the ski area.
Reporters from the web portal infoKOP.net visited most of ski bars and ski buffet located on the slopes of Kopaonik and noted the prices of food and beverages. Prices were presented at price points ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, which are found in a price lists. Prices of some items are fairly uniform and sometimes differ only in a dose that is used, while for individual products price difference noticeable. In this article you can see a table with prices and of course, make comments.
1 Euro = 123 Serbian dinars

Alcohol and spirits:

Brandy - 100 to 290 din
Cooked brandy - 140 to 280 din
Bitters - 150 to 260 din
The local beers from 0.33 to 130 to 270 din
Mulled wine - 170 to 280 din
Vodka - 130 to 390 din
Ballantines whiskey - 150 to 420 din
Pear 0.03 to 150 to 290 din

Carbonated, non-carbonated and energy drinks:

Carbonated soft drinks (Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite ...) - 170 to 250 din
Squash (peach, apple, juice ...) - 150 to 230 din
Guarana - 165 to 290 din
Red Bull - 290 to 440 din

Coffee, tea and chocolate drinks:

Ordinary coffee - from 100 to 150 din
Espresso - 120 to 185 din
Nescafe - 160 to 260 din
Tea - 100 to 215 din
Mineral water - 40 to 190 din
Hot chocolate - 180 to 280 din


Pancakes (small / large) - 150 to 350 din
Donut - 70 to 230 din
Hamburger - 200 to 790 din
Kebabs 10pc - 510 to 790 din
Gibanica - 250 to 330 din
Flat bread with cream - 140 to 300 din
Hot sandwich - 210 to 370 din
Pork / Lamb 1kg - 1600 to 3000/1800 to 3300 din

Gvozdac Print
 ski lift
type of run: black - difficult
lenght: 915m
vertical rise: 292m
travel duration: 4.5 min


          One of difficult/black tracks. One part of track is continuing to track Ledenice. Upper part of track is difficult, not because its steep but because its disarrangement.

          You can use any lift that exits on the top of Mali Karaman (Mali Karaman, Knezevske Bare), exit station of track Karaman, shortcut to Jaram or shortcut from exit station Bela Reka II to get to this track.

          Skiers often make shortcut through forest from the top of Gvozdac to Ledenice, so the most of the track would be in use.




 Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Masinac Print
ski lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 277m
vertical rise: 32m
travel duration: 2 min


          Extremely easy, short and suave track. It is used for teaching new skiers. Begin to central plateau, in front of most hotels on Kopaonik, exit station is at Pajino Preslo where turning on your right can get to one of baby ski lifts.

          You can get to this track using any path that leads to Pajino Preslo (right track Pancicev Vrh, shortcut Karaman Greben - Duboka I), from the  central plateau in front most Kopaonik hotels (Pancicev Vrh, Karaman Greben, Malo Jezero), using shortcut through forest from the top of Malo Jezero. On the left side of track are situated apartments Nebeske Stolice, next to the short path that leads to four chair lift Karaman Greben.

          Try to be very carefully while you are passing this track because most of ski schools are giving their lessons right on this track.




Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Krcmar Print
 two chair lift
type of run: red/black - medium/difficult
lenght: 1902m
vertical rise: 437m
travel duration: 12 -18 min


          Middle/difficult track with easier upper part and extremely difficult rest of track. Longest lift starts from the bottom of Duboka, right next station Duboka II and cafe Bacija Krcmar, exit station is couple meters under Pancic Vrh. It has one middle-station, using shortcut from there you can get to start station Duboka I.

          One of the most beautiful tracks at Kopaonik.

          It is out of function since 1999 because of consequences Nato bombing. Lift wasn't damaged but next to track 70 bombs were found.

          Lowering down from Duboka I or Suvo Rudiste you can get to this track.




 Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Duboka II Print
 four chair lift
type of run: /
lenght: 1130m
vertical rise: 394m
travel duration: 5 min


          Its only purpose is to pull skiers from the bottom of Duboka to the top of Karaman Greben.  There is no track next to this lift, even though you can ski from the top of  Karaman Greben until the middle of lift (shortcut Knezevske Bare-Duboka I), through path that is out of order and steep track.

          In the middle of the track used to be middle-station that helped you to get to Knezevske Bare and Duboka I. after exiting from the lift, turning on your right you can reach to Knezevske Bare and right in front are two (left and right) lifts Karaman Greben.

          To get to this track you can use Duboka I or Krcmar, their start station is right next to start station (entrance) Duboka II. Between this two  stations is cafe Bacija Krcmar where you can relax and enjoy.




 Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Ledenice Print
 ski lift
type of run: black - difficult
lenght: 782m
vertical rise: 265m
travel duration: 4 min


          Difficult/black track. In last couple of years its lift is been used only in cases of damage the lift Gvozdac, but the track is regularly being  taking care of. It is not in the function because of lack its technical documentation.

          Last part of track is continuing to track Gvozdac. From the top of Ledenice, after smaller hill, you will reach to exit station of Bela Reka II, but if you turn right on the half of the track towards Bela Reka II you will get to shortcut to the bottom of Knezevske Bare.

          Using shortcuts Bela Reke II, Jaram, or slowly pushing from the top of Mali Karaman, you can get to this track. Most often, skiers make path on their one thru forest from exit station of Gvozdac.




Take a look at satellite picture and location:


Struga Print
 ski lift
type of run: black - difficult
lenght: 727m
vertical rise: 240m
travel duration: 4 min


          Difficult track, never been used because unsettled property relations.

          You can reach this track coming down from Bele Reke I or skiing along Bela Reka II.




 Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Bela reka I Print
 two chair lift
type of run: plava
lenght: 1666m
vertical rise: 300m
travel duration: 10.5 min


          Easy track and is opportunity for you to relax after fatiguing track Bela Reka II. Begins from the settlement Brzece and its exit station is at the place Kamariste where joins with lifts Bela Reka II and Struga. This is the only track that has fall on its route so it gives you one more experience and makes ride more interesting.  Due to its low height it is condemn to less number of skiers so it is often used to draw skiers out to the rest of ski centers.

          You can get directly from the hotels in Brzece to this track so as continuing from the tracks Struga and Bela Reka II.




Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Bela reka II Print
 two chair lift
type of run: black - difficult
lenght: 1250m
vertical rise: 5210m
travel duration: 8.5 min


          Difficult/black track, recommended exclusively to skiers with experience, not because its difficulty but because its disarrangement. Due to its situation, especially disarrangement this track has a very small number of skiers.

          It is very wide track in its upper part and perfect for skiing but problems occur in the part called Levak, full with stones, so its hard to pass by that part to the place called Kamariste, where Bela Reka II joins with Bela Reka I and Struga. There is no fence that protects skiers from coming out of track, only what are left are rusty pillars, so you wonder what makes danger even more evident. Next thing that needs to be repair in recent time is wire.

         Above all of that, skiing on this track is unforgettable experience, as much as for its path and its magnificent view on South Serbia. Bela Reka II prolongs on Bela Reka I  which leads to Brzece. Complete length of bought tracks is 3500m and height distinction is near 900m.

         Three shortcuts are landing down from the top of the track, one leads to bottom of Gvozdac, another towards Knezevske Bare and other one (never been used) goes toward Struga.

         You can reach to this track: from the top of  Mali Karaman using mountain range cross the top of Ledenice (estimated you need 15 minutes ski-walking) because of slopes and up hills. If Ledenice are in function, which is very rare case, you need lees period of time to get to the top. Once there was baby ski lift between tops of Bele Reke II I Ledenice that was used to make that ascent easier to cross, so you can reach to Bela Reka.




Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Knezevske bare Print
 ski lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 790m
vertical rise: 150m
travel duration: 4.5 min


          One of the easy tracks, its exit station is at the top of Mali Karaman, its route is at south side so most of track is often out of snow. At  the bottom of the track two shortcut are joining together, one is from the Ledenice and another leads to Duboka II, all the way to entrance station of Duboka I.

          You can use any lift that exits at the top of Mali Karaman (Gvozdac, Mali Karaman), using shortcut that goes between Ledenice and Bele Reke II and from the top of Duboka II, Karaman Greben.




 Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Gobelja Greben Print
 ski lift
Vrsta staze: red - medium
lenght: 410m
vertical rise: 180m
travel duration: 3 min


          It is middle/difficult track. Lift departures below hotel Red Star (ex Srebrenac), exit station is on the reef between tops of Velika and Mala Gobelja. There are two tracks: one is right next to lift, has two steep parts which later combine in to one suave part, and other track that separates to right, it is slightly shorter, has FIS standards for slalom and at the end joins with shortcut that leads to bottom of Gobelja relej track.

          Because it is far away it is lessee visited and often used for ski training.

          You can get to Gobelja greben exclusively from the track Gobelja relej.




 Take a look at satellite picture and location:



SKI Info Print
You can take a quick look of ski info with numbers of ski lifts that are in function on the same day (dark numbers of tracks represents tracks that are in function), Clicking on detail ski info you can get a full ski info that consists of ski tracks, snow level, cloudiness, wind speed, road passage. This parameters are taken every day at 9 am. Informations are taken every day and being noted in the base, so you can at any moment take a look in archive of ski info reports.
Ski tracks and lifts Print
Kopaonik has over 60 kilometers of alpine tracks, 6 FIS paths for slalom and giant slalom. Routes served by systems of 24 ski lifts, total capacities of over 33 000 skiers per hour making it one of the largest ski resort in this part of Europe. The center has three six-seat, seven four-seats (4 detachable - 6 600 skiers per hour and 3 ordinary - 4 200 skiers per hour) 2 two-seats and 14 ski lifts. From the tracks Kopaonik has 15 easy 10 medium and 7 black tracks. Skiers can enjoy daily floodlit skiing on the slope opposite "Konaci" apartments (Lift No 3).

Kopaonik is a very compact resort enjoying an excellent 'ski to door' reputation, all of Kopaonik's amentities are within 10-15 minutes 'walk to centre'. . For those hotels, apartments, holiday homes and other facilities that are located far away from the starting lift stations, there are several private ski carriers regularly used to transport.

In addition to tracks for alpine disciplines, in the area of ​​the Flat Kopaonik there are 12km (route of 3km, 5km and 10km) of trails for Nordic skiing.

For the safety of the skiers-there is organized mountain rescue service, named GSS (this is Serbian abbrevation). GSS takes care of safety during the entire season on all tracks of the Tourist Center Kopaonik. In case of need, please contact your local member of the GSS, the hotel reception or emergency service,  GSS is on duty 24 hours.

Information for Skiers
high of resort 1770 m
high of top station 2017 m
the lowest station 1057 m
max. vertical rise 870 m
the longest run 3,5 km
total lenght of piste 60 km
total cross country tracks 20km (10 km, 5 km, 3 km)
easy runs 11
easy/medium runs 3
medium runs 2
medium/difficult runs 2
difficult runs 4
nursery slopes 4
FIS standard runs (slalom, giant slalom and super G) 3
number of lifts 24
six chairlifts 3
four chairlifts 7
two chairlifts 2
ski lifts 12
baby ski lift 2
Daily Ski Info
Installation Type Capacity (skiers/h) Lenght (m) Vertical rise (m) Duration (min) Open Open Ski Runs (green) Open Ski Ways (green) Working Hours
1. Sunčana dolina207096319151 1a 1c 1b b-1c 2-1 3-1

2. Malo jezero880450762,32 3-2

3. Krst201867111673 3a 2-3 3a-3

4. Pančićev vrh2400139324854 4a 4b 4c 4d 3-4c

6. Duboka 1180014093856,56 6a 7-p 6a-p p-6a 14-6 21-6

7. Karaman greben3000122517387 7a 22-7 p-7 8a-7

8. Mali karaman 2400104219388 8a 7-8a 9-8

8a. Mali karaman A90010821935

9. Marine vode9009091874,59 9a 8-9a

10. Karaman9008571404,510 9-10

11. Jaram90059868311 12-11

12. Gobelja relej9607051803,512 12a 11-12

13. Gobelja2400878232413 13a 13b 13c 13d 13e 13fr 12-13

14. Kneževske bare9008361494,514 16-14 20-14

15. Bela reka I800172030510,515

16. Bela reka II80012885008,516 16-19

18. Ledenice1188781267418 19-18 18-16

19. Gvozdac180015003844,519 10-19

20. Duboka 2180011073954,5

21. Krčmar180019394716.221

22. Mašinac45030045222

23. Vučak 1720280152

24. Vučak 2706230152

25. Traka Jaram

26. Park for Kids

27. Snow park

Night slope880450722,5
Entertaining Facilities
Bob Rail
Ski Area Statistics
Open Installations / 26 (0%)
Open Ski Slopes / 38 (0%)
Open Ski Ways / 30 (0%)
Meteo Stats 29.04.2017. at 8 o'clock
Temperature at Karaman greben 0ºC
Snow level at slopes 0-0 cm
Clouidness -
Wind speed Pancićev vrh - m/s
Wind speed Karaman greben - m/s
Wind speed Mali karaman - m/s
Visibility Pancićev vrh - m
Visibility Karaman greben - m
Roads 29.04.2017. at 8 o'clock
Jošanička banja
Live Ski Map of Kopaonik
See the live show - which lifts and slopes are operational. Ski map is automatically generated at each change of data on lifts and slopes mobility.
Live SKI mapa Kopaonika
Gobelja Relej Print
 ski lift
Vrsta staze: red - medium
lenght: 700m
vertical rise: 180m
travel duration: 3.5 min


          Is one of medium/difficult tracks. Lift departures below hotel Red Star (ex Srebrenac), exit station is at the top of Velika Gobelja (1934 m). Consists of two tracks: one is right next to lift, it has two steeper parts that later join in one suave part, and the second one that separates to right, its longer and suave and at the end it joins with the shortcut that leads to the top of lift Jaram. Left from the beginning of the track separates one track which is rarely been stepped and it?s been arranged for FIS slalom and belongs with Gobelja greben lift. At the bottom of the track is shortcut to your left that leads to entrance station of Gobelja Greben.

          Take a look at satellite picture and location:
Jaram Print
 ski lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 598m
vertical rise: 67m
travel duration: 6 -7 min
          It represents connection between tracks Gobelja greben and Gobelja relej. It is easy/blue track. Lift departures from the ridge Jaram  which cuts the road Brzece-Kopaonik and its exit station is near the top of Gobelja (1934 m) where exist shortcut that leads to the hotel Red Star (ex Srebrenac)  and towards lifts Gobelja greben and Gobelja relej.
          You can get to this track from the top of Gobelja, which is exit place of Gobelja relej or directly crossing the road  on the ridge Jaram from the track Karaman.

 Take a look at satellite picture and location:
Karaman Print
 ski lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 855m
vertical rise: 125m
travel duration: 4.5 min


          One of the easy tracks. Lift departures from the ridge Jaram (1788 m) which cuts the road Brzece-Kopaonik, exit station is at the top of the Vucak (1934 m). Whole track is surrounded with forest, her upper part is slightly steeper and than strongly suave.

          You can reach to this track using shortcut from Mali Karaman or from the exit station lift Karaman.

          At the bottom of the track, at the ridge Jaram, you can find refreshment bar Jaram where you can relax, get warm near fireplace or get sun if its nice weather or enjoy the company of friendly owners. When you get down from the Karaman you can decide whether you would go right through forest using shortcut to Gvozdac (it is recommended for better skiers) or prolong cross the road to lift Jaram.




Take a look at satellite picture and location:


Marine vode Print
 ski lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 868m
vertical rise: 188m
travel duration: 4.5 min

          Belongs to easy tracks. Lift departures from the road Brzece-Kopaonik and exit station is at the top of Vucak (1934 m).Even thought its short track it is one of those you enjoy skiing. Through its whole route its surrounded with forest and easy slope toward left. At the end of the track you can relaxes and enjoy at the cafe.

          You can reach this track using shortcut from Mali Karaman or getting down from lift Karaman. If you want to reach to lift Karaman, skiers usually make shortcut by turning half-right through the forest, so it is not necessary to keep on pushing your skies.



Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Mali Karaman Print
 Fourseat Doppelmayr
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 1079m
vertical rise: 190m
travel duration: 6.5 -7 min


          It is easy track, suitable for beginners. Most of ski schools use this track for their needs so you should be carefully regardful towards beginners. Lift begins from the artificial pool for snow and road Brzece-Kopaonik and its exit is at the top of  Mali Karaman (1927 m).

          Next to new four chairlift exists old lift (out of function, except in case of need when chairlift is out of work). There are two tracks: at the beginning of the right track, separates shortcut to right that leads to lift Marine Vode. Lowering down you are arriving to mountain home, named Rtanj, one of the most popularly student destination with cheap food (grill, donates…) and drinks.

          Left track is often used as arrives/departs path towards track Karaman Greben. At the exit of four chairlift Mali Karaman you can go left using shortcut to lift Knezevske Bare, right to anchor Gvozdac and half-left reef towards Ledenice and Bela Reka II.   

          You can reach to this track using shortcut from Marine Vode that joins with depart shortcut towards Marine Vode.




           Take a look at satellite picture and location:

Karaman Greben Print
 four chair lift - Doppelmayr
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 1440m
vertical rise: 165m
travel duration: 6.5 -7 min
          It is easy track, suitable for beginners. Most of ski schools use this track for their needs so you should be carefully and regardful towards beginners. Chairlift departures from the central plateau, in front of the most hotels, exit station is at the top of Karaman Greben. Is has two tracks: right one is easy, in its middle stands arrives/departs shortcut to track Mali Karaman.

          Left track is slightly shorter and slightly steep. Left from the beginning of the track is situated  cafe Vucija Staza , lowering down 50 m on your left you can get to Pajino Preslo, Duboka I or Masinac.

A cross the exit station of Karaman Greben is also exit station Duboka II, that way you can get to lift Knezevske Bare.

          You can reach to this track from the central plateau in front of hotel Grand, at the exit station Duboka II or using shortcut Mali Karaman.



Take a look at satellite picture and location:



Duboka I Print
four chair lift - Doppelmayr
type of run: red/black- medium/difficult
lenght: 1440m
vertical rise: 370m
travel duration: 5 min


         Track begins from the top Suvo Rudiste (1975m). It consists of two tracks: left one (medium and long track, popularly called red Duboka I) and right one (difficult/black Duboka). At the end they are joining in to one track.
         Most of the competitions are being preformed hire, on its difficulty part, because the track fulfills FIS standards.
         You can get to this track using any chairlifts that leads to Suvo Rudiste (Centar, Pancicev Vrh, Suvo Rudiste), shortcut from the track Krcmar, its entrance station and shortcut that leads from Karaman Greben, goes left to plateau Pajino Preslo and joins somewhere in the middle with red Duboka.
         Last solution is very popularly in bad weather conditions, because even tough Duboka is out of work, lower part of track it being used all the way to the entrance of station Duboka II.
         For its configuration it is recommended for better skiers, especially the difficult/black part. This year lift has been changed with modern lift Doppelmayr and it will have middle-station at the part where lift exits from the forest, for skiers competitions that are taking place in this part of track.

Take a look at satellite picture and location:
Centar Print
two chair lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 1597m
vertical rise: 240m
travel duration: 12-18 min


          Entrance is from the top of Suvo Rudiste (1975m) and goes down to road which leads to Josanicka Banja, in front of the resting place called Kragujevac.
          After getting down from lift, turning on your right (in front of the lift Pancicev Vrh) you can get to red/black track Duboka I, if you go next to lift you have four possibilities: to keep on skiing on the left track Suvo Rudiste, than getting to the path that branch in to two paths that are sheltered with forest, left one is marked next to lift Centar (popularly called Konzerva) and right one (popularly called four). If you go straight next to lift, right after track red Duboka I, turning on your right (parallel with red Duboka I) you'll reach to one small and easy track, which is marked as four, that track will lead you to Pajino Preslo or lift Masinac (but if you go one straight) or turn half-left in the middle you will reach with earlier mentioned track popularly called number four.
          After the four chairlift Pancicev Vrh has been placed, lift has loosed its value due to its quality and capacity (it dates from 1981) and specially due to its speed.

  Take a look at satellite picture and location:
Pancicev Vrh Print
four chair lift - Doppelmayr
type of run: blue/red - easy/medium
lenght: 1393m
vertical rise: 248m
travel duration: 5 min


          Route begins from the top of Suvo Rudiste (1975m) and goes down to central plateau, in front of most hotels on Kopaonik.  After you get down from lift, turning on your left, you can get to red/bleak Duboka I track.
          You have four possibilities: First, turning to left you can continue to path Suvo Rudiste, than getting to the path that branch in to two paths that are sheltered with forest, left one is marked next to lift Centar (popularly called Konzerva) and right one (popularly called four).If you go straight next to lift, right after red Duboka I and than turn right you'll reach to one small and easy track, which is marked as four, that path will lead you to Pajino Preslo or plate Masinac.
          In 2006, the oldest one chairlift on Kopaonik has been exchanged with modern four chairlift trade-mark Doppelmayer. It's fast lift and goes 5m/s with the capacity of 1800 skiers in first faze and in second with 2400 skiers in hour. That shouldn't be a problem for you so you can with safeness embark/land because the speed of lift is less than 1m/s.
          Thanks to its speed it is called Pancic express.
Take a look at satellite picture and location:
Malo Jezero Print
ski lift
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 410m
vertical rise: 60m
travel duration: 2.5 min


          Easy and short track that begins from plateau Krst (1715m) lowering down to Konak. Left from the plateau is situated Genex service and right is half-pipe for snowborders. Upper part is steep and connected with plateau from which goes two chairlift Centar. Somewhere near the top of the path, skiers on their on, make shortcut through forest that comes out next to four chairlift Pancicev Vrh and plate Masinac. This shortcut is suitable especially in cases when the weather forecasts are bed and most of tracks are out of work so you can reach four chairlift Karaman Greben and Malo Jezero which are in use even in worst weather conditions. At the end of the path, if you continue turning on your left, path will take you to two chairlift Centar.
          You can reach to this path from the Suncana Dolina and Suvo Rudiste descenting to exit station plateau Krst, from any hotel that is situated in center, as continuing on paths Karaman Greben, Centar, Panacicev Vrh and Masinac.
          Malo Jezero is the only track that is illuminated (lightened) and works every day from 7-10 pm.


Take a look at satellite picture and location:
Suvo Rudiste Print
ski lift
type of run: blue/red - easy/medium
lenght: 1376m
vertical rise: 200m
travel duration: 7 min


          Suvo Rudiste is medium/easy track except of higher part of track which is connected with track Centar. Entrance station is right next to exit station of Suncana Dolina (Krst 1715 m), and exit is on Suvo Rudiste (1975m).
          Upper part of track goes  right next to anchor after goes under the anchor. At the end of the track you can go right towards Malo Jezero or to continue to Suncana Dolina.
          You can reach this track following right shortcut from Malo Jezero or any track that goes to Suvo Rudiste (Centar, Pancicev Vrh or Duboka I).

Take a look at satellite picture and location:


Suncana dolina Print
two chair lift - Poma
type of run: blue - easy
lenght: 694m
vertical rise: 140m
travel duration: 4.5 min


          It is easy and wide track, begins from the top of Krst 1715m and it's lowering down to hotel Putnik. Smaller part of track is passing trough forest part, upper part of track is wide, it continues to the track Suvo Rudiste.
          There are three ways to reach this path: directly from the hotel Putnik, right shortcut from the top of track Malo Jezero or directly continuing on track Suvo Rudiste.
          If it's nice day and without wind you can injoy in the magnificent view of the lower parts of Serbia in the cafe which stands on exit of station.
          Something that must be noticed and recommended are unforgettable sunsets which will take your breath away.

Take a look at satellite picture and location:

SKI Pass Print
After installing new system, user photos are obliged on 7-days, 10-days and season ski tickets. Ski center is taking user photo for free during ski pass purchase.

Ski pass information: +381 36 5471-209

Where to buy:

1. Online shop www.ekupi.rs
Home delivery and personal takeover
Payment: Cash, credit card, with Diners Club in 6 installments, with checks on 12 installments.
Work hours: Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:00

2. Administrative building
Work hours 08:00 - 15:00

3. Intersport administration building – 2 selling offices for ticket, 1 selling office for helmets
Work hours 08:00 - 21:00

4. Zip Line
Work hours 08:00 - 15:00

5. Jolly Kop 
Work hours 08:00 - 15:00

6. Hotel Rtanj
Work hours 08:00 - 15:00

7. Bob Rail
Work hours 08:00 - 15:30

8. Bela Reka start station
Work hours depends on ski lift work time

1. Injury of ski pass user
Returns can be made for those days when using of ski pass did not started, in the amount paid for the ticket.
Required documents: a) Copy of the report authorized ambulance that the user is injured; B) Report of Rescue Service; C) Original ski pass.
2. Injury of the family members of ski pass
Returns can be made for those days when using of ski pass did not started, in the amount paid for the ticket, reduced by 30%.
Required documents: a) Copy of the report from authorized ambulance that the family member of ski passes injury; B) Report of Rescue Service; C) Original ski pass.

3. Death of a family member User ski pass
Returns can be made for those days when using of ski pass did not started, in the amount paid for the ticket.
Required documents: A) Statement Users ski maps with data on fatality and user data (personal number and address); B) Original ski pass.

Purchase of ski pass for legal entities
To purchase a ski passes through the account it is necessary to submit request for an invoice with details about the type and quantity of tickets that have been the subject of purchase, as well as all data about the company to which it should be named.
After payment,  tickets can be picked up on all points of sale in the ski center to which the purchase relates.
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